Navigator App To Paper Challenge | $30,000 to Win!
We are looking for great app ideas that can promote the use of office paper. Got an idea? There are $30,000 USD to win!
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Winners’ List:

#1st Prize

The top app idea winner is: pAPPer

by Duarte Andrade and Pedro Andrade – Portugal

The winning idea is a platform based app to “find nearby printers available to print a specific job. The user will be able to find nearest printers considering printing features, available paper sizes, available paper quality, available printing quality, etc., and their respective printing cost.”

#2nd Prize

The runner-up app idea is: Kiddie Book

by Deepak Elias – India

Deepak presented an idea for an app targeted to “Parents who can show their kids a fun way to learn without them getting glued to the tablet screens”.


#3rd Prize

The thrid-place app idea winner is: SmartPaper

by Essameldin Gouda – Malaysia

“The application allows the user to fully interact with the paper in novel and innovative ways. The user could easily print the paper as a hard copy without compromising interactivity as the mobile phones’ camera and screen will be the door that reconnects the paper to the digital world.”

Congratulations to the winners!

And a big Thank you to everyone who participated in this challenge and helped make it a success!

The winners will be contacted for further details.

Who, How, When, What

Who may participate?

Anyone over the age of 18 who has a good idea for an app that can promote the use of office paper. There’s no limit for the size of the team.

How to apply?

While applications are open, submit your app idea by filling the application form where you can describe your idea (Name of the app, app’s concept, how the app will promote the use of office paper and the benefits for the user).

When to apply?

Applications may be submitted from the 1st of August to the 31st of October, 2017. During this period you should fill the application form and submit your app idea. The winners will be announced on the 31st of December, 2017.

What can You win?

The best idea will receive $20,000 USD, the Runner up $7,500 USD and the third place will be awarded $2,500 USD. But there’s more! The winning app idea will become a reality and we’ll provide up to $35,000 USD to its development.


We have great prizes for the Top-3 app ideas:

The runner-up will receive

$7,500 USD

The winner of the best app idea concept will receive

$20,000 USD

The third place will receive

$2,500 USD

How will applications be judged?

Applications will be judged based on the ability to integrate the use of technology and digital tools with office paper and make them work together through a mobile app, user interface experience and overall feasibility.

App’s development

The best app idea will be developed.
The App-to-paper Challenge will fund the app’s development up to maximum of $35,000 USD.
After the winner’s announcement, there will be a call for proposals/pitch to find a company to develop the app.

Need some additional information?

Send us a message. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible